Frequently Asked Questions

Some things you should or may want to know.

What will we see?

There are many great things to see in (or should I say over) Toronto, and the helicopter is the best way to see them.

You will see everything from the historical to the ultra modern. Old Fort York, Spadina House, Clairmont House, Casa Loma, University of Toronto, Royal Ontario Museum, the Eaton Centre, Old and New City Halls, Maple Leaf Gardens as well as the new home of the Maple Leafs, the Air Canada Centre, the Royal York, the Rogers Centre, and of course the CN Tower.

Can we take pictures?

We highly recommend it.

Since we will be escorting you across a busy ramp on the way to the helicopter and the boarding process is fairly fast, we recommend that you refrain from taking pictures on the ramp until you are seated in the helicopter.

The helicopter is an ideal photo platform for both video and still photography and is highly sought after by media and other professional photographers for this purpose.

How high will we fly?

Our City Tours are always flown with a high regard for safety and community awareness. For both reasons, we fly at 2,000 feet above sea level. This helps to keep our noise level down for the local residents, and as a side benefit provides you, our customers, with a great view of the city and its surrounds.

How long are the flights?

We have four different flightseeing tours, City Tour 1, City Tour 2 and the private Romantic Jewel and the Romantic Interlude tour.

The City Tour 1 and the Romantic Jewel flights will get you into the sky for 6 to 8 minutes. Enough time to fill a roll of film with great shots of the downtown core of Toronto. Especially at 110 miles per hour and no traffic!

The City Tour 2, the Gold Romantic flight and The Romantic Interlude flights are both between 12 and 14 minutes in the air. This length of time is great for the helicopter and/or flightseeing obsessed.

Please check out the individual tour pages to find out more.

How many people can fly together?

Our helicopter can seat 3 passengers and 1 pilot at one time. There are 2 seats in the back and 1 seat up front with the pilot. Every seat is a window seat and every seat has a great view.

Is there an age limit?

Although helicopters are not extremely noisy for adults, the noise level can cause problems for extremely young children. Another point is that children under two (2) cannot wear a seat belt and have to be held by the parent. We do not feel that this provides the utmost in safety or comfort level and as a company policy we insist that passengers be over three (3) years of age. There is no upper age limit. In fact we have flown customers who have crossed the century mark in age – Every one of them loved it!

Is there a kids price?

For Safety and Regulatory reasons, every person who flies in a helicopter must wear a seat belt. This means that everyone takes up one seat regardless of age. Therefore adults and children are the same price. One seat one price.

What about weather?

The reason for our existence is to provide fun and enjoyable flightseeing trips over and around Toronto. We can only do this if we do everything in our power to ensure your flight is as safe as possible. We require at least 6 statute miles of visibility, a cloud base of at least 2,000 feet and no falling snow.

Not only does this add to your safety, but it also helps to ensure that when you do fly with us, you will actually see far enough out the window to make it enjoyable.

It is advisable to check in with our flight centre prior to arriving at the Airport to make sure that the weather is suitable and that we are flying.

What about cancellations?

All of our flights are by reservation only. We do this so that when you show up to fly, we will have a space for you in our flight schedule.

Please see our Reservation Policy.

If we have to cancel the flight for safety or weather, we will try to reschedule your flight to another day. If we cannot find another time because you are no longer in town then you will be refunded.

If you cancel the flight or fail to show up for your flight, thereby depriving someone else of enjoying the helicopter tour at that time then you will be charged for the flight. The amount you are charged depends on when you cancel. Please see our reservation policy to find out more.

Is there a weight limit?

All aircraft do have weight restrictions and our helicopter is no exception. The maximum weight per seat that we can fly on our tours is 260 pounds and the maximum weight of all three passengers is 600 pounds.

The easiest way to look at it is that you must be able to put on a standard size seat belt. At the time of booking you will be asked for your weight.

Can I Bring a Bag or Purse With me?

As there is no place to store anything, no loose articles are permitted on board for the flight, only a camera or mobile phone. We provide lockers for you to store purses or small bags prior to boarding which you can lock up and keep the key with you until you return. This is for safety reasons, and is strictly enforced.

Is it safe?


Safety is our number one priority! We will never compromise on safety!

Important security information.

Because we operate our Heli-Tours out of an airport in downtown Toronto, certain security measures are in effect. One of these measures is that every passenger that flies with us must bring with them a valid photo I.D. This photo I.D. will have to be presented to airport security just prior to boarding. Anyone who is not able to show photo I.D. will not be able to fly but will still be charged the full seat price (it is like a last minute cancellation). Photo I.D. can be in the form of a passport, driver’s licence, health card, or student card. Children without a student card will not have to provide I.D. as long as they are with an adult who can vouch for them.

Are there any other restrictions?

Besides the weight and age restrictions mentioned above, you must have enough mobility to be able to step up big stairs with limited assistance! If not, we still may be able to take you flying but we should discuss your individual situation prior to booking to make sure you will get the most out of the flight.

We reserve the right to refuse anyone from flying with us if we feel that safety may be affected for whatever reason.

Still need help? Send us a note

For any other questions, please write us at [email protected] or call us on +1 416 203 3280