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Our Amazing Deal On Groupon

You are either thinking about, or you have just purchased our special deal on Groupon. This is by far the best deal that we have ever offered anywhere. This deal will give you one seat on our Heli Tour # 1 and a high rez digital photo that you can download after the tour, which would normally cost you $119.00 each plus HST, but for this deal only we are offering this package for an amazing price of $59.00 each.

If you have some questions before you purchase these vouchers then please the Common Questions Tab Below. If you have already purchased your vouchers and you want to know what the next step is the please read the tab below marked I Already Have My Vouchers.

The deal that we are offering on Groupon is for our Heli Tour #1, a helicopter flight that takes you 2000 feet above downtown Toronto and a digital photo that you can download the day after your tour! The Heli Tour covers approximately 15 km over the ground, and is approximately 6 to 8 minutes in duration.

We are offering a choice of two vouchers with this deal. The voucher that is priced at $59.00 is for one seat on our helicopter tour and the voucher that is priced at $169.00 is for three seats on our helicopter tour. Both prices do not include taxes, which you will need to pay when you check in for your flight with us. The taxes will be $7.67 for the one seat voucher and $21.97 for the three seat voucher. There are not other fees charged by us, however you may need to pay for parking when you come to fly with us and of course gratuities are completely at your discretion.

You must have a reservation to fly with us and you must make your reservation through Groupon. The vouchers are valid for flights on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays until the expiry date on your voucher.  Our flights go until 30 minutes before sunset (which changes throughout the year).

Please contact us Directly to Book your Groupon Tour

Phone: (416) 203-3280 Email:

Our reservation system is in the process of being integrated with Groupon. During this integration process, we will need to manually book your flight with us. When you contact us to book your tour, we will need the following information to complete your booking:

  1. All The Voucher Numbers (Example LG-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX).
  2. All the Bar Code Numbers (Example 1234-1234).
  3. The Full Names of all of the people flying.
  4. The Weights of all of the people flying (in pounds).
  5. A Phone number that we can reach you at on the day of your flight.

Our helicopter can seat three passengers at one time. All three seats are window seats that provide the greatest view of Toronto. We will only confirm a booking once all three seats are filled or paid for. When you make your reservation with us we will assign your seating to make sure that the helicopter is full. This is easy enough with single seat vouchers or three seat vouchers, however two single seat vouchers may have to fly separately on back to back flights. We will do our best to keep couples together on the same flight, but if you want to guarantee that two people will fly together, then we suggest you purchase the three seat vouchers to get a private flight at a really great price.

We do have a cancellation policy of 72 hours. If you cancel your booking with us within 72 hours of your tour then your voucher will be considered used.

We have fairly strict weather requirements for our tours. We want to make sure that when you fly with us, you will have a good sightseeing experience. That means that we will only fly the tours if we have at least 10 miles of visibility (which allows you to see from the Don Valley Parkway all the way to High Park). We also need the clouds to be high enough to allow us to safely fly at 2,000 feet and we do not fly when the wind is gusting higher than 55 km per hour or if the gust spread is greater than 18 km per hour. If we do not have the weather to do the tours then the Chief Pilot will cancel the flights on the day of the flight and we will work with you to reschedule your tour for another day. We do not issue refunds for weather cancellations, we will just reschedule your tour.

We are located at the Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport, which is located right downtown at the bottom of Bathurst Street. You can either take the shortest scheduled ferry ride in the world or you can cross under the channel in the new Tunnel. It is free to walk on to the ferry or through the tunnel.

Here Are The Conditions of This Offer

  • All flights are by reservation and may only be flown on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday only.
  • All flights will be booked based on availability.
  • The helicopter must fly with all seats filled:
    • The helicopter seats 3 passengers, with 2 in the back and 1 up front (everyone gets a window seat).
    • If you purchase less than 3 Groupon vouchers then you will be booked to fly with someone else to fill the helicopter.
    • Seating is based on weight and balance considerations and who sits where (back or front) is determined at the time of boarding.
  • The minimum age is 5 years old.
  • The maximum any one customer can weigh is 260 lbs.
  • The maximum combined weight of all 3 passengers can be no more than 600 lbs.
  • All booked flights need at least 72 hours notice to cancel.
  • Black out dates are as follows:
    • Statutory Holidays.
    • Valentine’s Day week.
    • Mother’s Day.
    • Father’s Day
    • Pan Am Games (July 10th – 26th)
    • Parapan Am Games (August 7th to 15th)
    • Labour Day Weekend.
  • Only the Chief Pilot can make the decision to reschedule flights due to weather.
  • If we cannot fly your tour due to weather, then we will work with you to reschedule your flight to a different day.
  • refunds are not issued due to weather.
  • We reserve the right to refuse to fly anyone based on safety considerations.

You must now book your Groupon Vouchers through Groupon.

Our reservation system is now integrated with Groupon and any bookings that use a Groupon Voucher must now book through Groupon. Please login to your Groupon account to find out how.